V2 LBPs for Participants

Discover how you can understand and engage with a range of innovative features designed to enhance the Liquidity Bootstrapping Experience with Fjord V2.

Fjord V2 is a transformative upgrade reshaping the landscape of liquidity bootstrapping. This latest iteration of our platform brings enhanced flexibility and a range of innovative features tailored for new ways to connect with innovative projects via Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs), with more launch types on the horizon.

As we introduce these exciting features, their rollout will be phased, ensuring each function is fine-tuned for optimal user experience.

With V2, you'll see the following features:

  • Token Vesting: Experience a lasting engagement with communities you care about through token vesting. This process builds a long-term relationship between participants and creators, fostering sustained participation.

  • Buy Only LBPs: Engage in a new approach to price discovery with Buy Only LBPs. This model aligns with traditional token sale methods, offering a new way to engage in price discovery.

  • Zero Collateral LBPs: Explore LBPs that operate without initial collateral requirements.

  • Custom Token Redemption (Coming Soon): Participate in LBPs where projects have specific token redemption requirements.

  • Soft and Hard Caps (Coming Soon): Contribute to projects with clear liquidity goals, set through minimum and maximum caps.

  • Limit Orders (Coming Soon): Enjoy the convenience of 'set and forget' orders, allowing you to define your transaction conditions in advance for hassle-free participation.

  • Whitelisting (Coming Soon): Enjoy secure and exclusive participation in select LBPs that feature participant whitelisting.

  • Leaderboard (Coming Soon): Engage in a competitive and community-focused environment with a leaderboard highlighting key contributors.

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