How to Create an LBP

Follow these step by step instructions on how to create an LBP on Fjord Foundry.

Note: The below video is for V1 of Fjord and does not represent the updated version.


We encourage creators to test on Goerli or Sepolia prior to creating their LBP.

Test Token Links View Test Token addresses Get Sepolia ETH: Here or here Get Goerli ETH: Here or here Need to mint Sepolia tokens to LBP with? Here, here or here. Need to mint Goerli tokens to LBP with? Here, here or here.

Create LBP

Step 1 - Contract Address & Images

Input a valid ERC-20 contract address and provide a valid image links for your project token. You can also upload an optional banner image to be used for the preview card.

WARNING: If your ERC-20 has any type of transfer restrictions or transfer hooks of any kind, it i essential that you launch a test pool prior to your LBP to ensure your custom functionality does not impede the pool creation or closing process.

Token image: Recommended size 400x400 and shorter size URL ending in .jpg or .png such as this.

Banner image: Recommended size 620x200 and shorter size URL ending in .jpg or .png such as this.

Step 2 - Select LBP Characteristics

Choose between a Buy Only LBP and a regular Buy and Sell LBP. LBPs offer two options: the traditional 'Buy and Sell' model allowing participants to both purchase and liquidate tokens throughout the event and a new 'Buy Only' model which restricts activity to purchasing, aimed at aligning with traditional forms of fundraising. Both maintain the LBP's price discovery via a decaying price curve. During setup, creators can choose their preferred model to best align with their strategic goals.

Step 3 - Select LBP Characteristics

  1. Configure Quantities: Enter the number of your project tokens you want to distribute in the LBP and select the collateral token, typically USDC or USDT, which backers will use to purchase your tokens.

  2. Configure Weights: Set the starting weight for your project token, often a high percentage to establish initial value, and the ending weight, which is usually lower, to facilitate the price decay over the LBP duration.

  3. Configure Duration: Choose the starting and ending dates and times for your LBP, defining how long your token will be available for purchase.

Review the Price Discovery Preview graph to understand how your configurations affect the token's price trajectory during the LBP.

Step 4 - Configure Vesting (Optional)

Learn more about token vesting.

  1. Vesting Option: Decide on token vesting for your LBP. If vesting is not required, select 'No'.

  2. Vesting Start Time: If you choose 'Yes' for vesting, the start time is automatically set to occur right after the LBP ends. This timing is linked to the LBP end date/time and can only be edited by adjusting the LBP's end date.

  3. Vesting Cliff Time: Determine if there will be a cliff period, during which tokens are locked post-LBP before vesting begins.

  4. Vesting End Time: Set the end time for when the vesting period will conclude, marking the finish of the token distribution process.

Make sure the vesting schedule aligns with your strategic plan for the LBP. If 'No' is selected for vesting, tokens will be released to participants immediately after the LBP concludes.

Step 5 - LBP Details

  1. Fill in LBP Details: Provide your LBP's category, such as DeFi, and a description of your project in 1000 characters or less to share with your audience.

  2. Set Main Links: Add a link that directs to your project or additional information about the LBP.

  3. Geo-blocking: Choose if you need to block participants from certain countries.

  4. Curation Request (Optional): If desired, request curation for your LBP from third party curators to add credibility and visibility to your event.

Step 6 - Social & Community

  1. Connect Twitter: Twitter is a mandatory field. Link your project's Twitter account, as this is required to continue.

  2. Optional Discord Verification: If you choose, connect your project's Discord for additional community engagement.

Step 7 - Summary

Please carefully examine your LBP Summary to ensure all details are correct. This includes project token information, quantities, weights, pricing, liquidity, and dates.

Make any necessary edits before proceeding to the Terms & Conditions.

Step 8 - Terms & Conditions

Agree to the terms of use

Step 9 - Sign Creation Transactions & Complete!

These transactions ensure your LBP is set up successfully.

And you can now view your live LBP!

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