Fixed Price Sale Participant Tips

We've collated three, easy to understand tips for those who choose to participate in a Fixed Price Sale.

Tip #1 - Check Wallet Limits

❌ Participating in a sale without knowing if there are wallet limits can lead to unexpected issues. You might not be able to buy as many tokens as you want, or you might exceed the limit and miss out on the sale.

✔️ Always check the wallet limits set by the project. This information will help you plan your purchases and ensure you stay within the allowed limits, promoting fair distribution.

Tip #2 - Check Valuations

❌ Blindly buying tokens without assessing their valuation can result in overpaying or investing in overvalued tokens. Not knowing the fair value of the tokens can lead to poor investment decisions.

✔️ Ensure you check the valuation of the tokens being sold. Compare the fixed price with your understanding of the project's fundamentals and market conditions to determine if the price is fair.

Tip #3 - Have Your Wallet Funded and Ready

❌ Waiting until the last minute to fund your wallet can result in missed opportunities. If your wallet isn't ready, you might not be able to participate in the sale as planned.

✔️ Have your wallet funded and ready to go before the sale begins. This ensures you can participate quickly and efficiently once the sale starts, helping you secure your desired number of tokens.

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