Learn more about the purpose and idea behind the creation of Fjord.

Our purpose

Fjord is a community-focused platform that specialises in connecting innovative projects with engaged backers. Built upon the principles of fairness and transparency, we offer a variety of token sale methods, including our most popular and well-renowned method—Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs).

Fjord's mission is to democratise access to early-stage opportunities for our community of backers while providing projects the means to bootstrap liquidity in a seamless and straightforward manner.

For both project teams and individual backers, we provide an all-in-one environment geared towards early-stage ideas. Teams can focus on what truly matters—building out their vision and generating liquidity for decentralised exchange trading. While backers can explore a selection of early-stage opportunities that resonate with their passions and beliefs.

Fjord serves at the inflection point where projects and supporters engage, collaborate, and grow together.

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