Fixed Price Sale FAQ

Fixed Price Sales FAQ

What is a Fixed Price Sale?

A Fixed Price Sale is a type of token sale where the price of the token is set at a fixed rate. Participants can purchase tokens at this predetermined price without the price fluctuation mechanisms seen in other types of sales like LBPs. This provides a straightforward and predictable method for acquiring tokens.

Are there wallet limits for Fixed Price Sales?

Wallet limits are optional for Fixed Price Sales. Creators can choose to set limits on the number of tokens each wallet can purchase to ensure broader distribution and prevent large acquisitions by single participants.

How does Fjord handle anti-bot measures in Fixed Price Sales?

While we can't always 100% guarantee the prevention of bots, we do have several features in place to ensure the sale is as bot-free as possible. These include non-purchasable via contracts and other anti-bot mechanisms to maintain the integrity of the sale.

Is there a raise limit for Fixed Price Sales?

Yes, the raise limit is automatically calculated based on the total number of tokens (X) being sold at the fixed price (Y). This ensures a clear cap on the amount of funds that can be raised during the sale.

Can Fixed Price Sales be used for node sales?

Yes, Fjord Foundry's Fixed Price Sales can be used for node sales, allowing projects to distribute nodes at a set price. You can view previous node sales here and here.

Does Fjord token gate Fixed Price Sales?

No we don't!

How do I set up a Fixed Price Sale on Fjord Foundry?

Instructions on setting up a Fixed Price Sale on Fjord can be found here.

Can participants purchase tokens using multiple transactions?

Yes, participants can purchase tokens using multiple transactions, provided they adhere to any set wallet limits and the overall raise limit has not been reached.

Can I use a whitelist for my Fixed Price Sale?

This feature is coming soon.

What happens if the Fixed Price Sale does not reach its raise limit?

If the Fixed Price Sale does not reach its raise limit, the unsold tokens remain in the project’s wallet. You can choose to conduct another sale or distribute the tokens through other means.

Can I cancel or pause a Fixed Price Sale once it has started?

Yes, you have the ability to cancel or pause the Fixed Price Sale at any time through the Fjord Foundry dashboard. This provides flexibility to address any issues or changes in strategy during the sale period.

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