Fixed Price Sales

Learn more about Fixed Price Sales and why they are an effective method for token distribution.

What is a Fixed Price Sale?

A Fixed Price Sale is a straightforward approach to token distribution, designed to offer simplicity and certainty for both projects and backers. In a Fixed Price Sale, tokens are sold at a predetermined price, ensuring a transparent and predictable buying process. This method allows participants to purchase tokens at a set price, avoiding the complexities and fluctuations associated with dynamic pricing mechanisms.How it works

Key Features

Simplicity and Predictability: Fixed Price Sales are characterised by their straightforward pricing model. The fixed price mechanism ensures that all participants can buy tokens at the same price, providing transparency and eliminating the uncertainty of price changes.

Easy Price Determination: Projects can easily set a clear and consistent price for their tokens, simplifying the process for both the creators and the participants. This clarity helps in effective planning and execution of the token sale.

Clear Fundraising Goals: With a fixed price, projects can clearly outline their fundraising targets and the amount of tokens to be distributed, aiding in better financial planning and transparency.

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