Fixed Price Sales

Learn more about Fixed Price Sales and why they are an effective method for token distribution.

What are Fixed Price Sales?

Fixed Price Sales offer a straightforward way to participate in token sales. The token price is set at a fixed rate, providing predictability and simplicity. Participants can purchase tokens at this predetermined price without worrying about price fluctuations.

How do Fixed Price Sales Work?

In a Fixed Price Sale, the token price is predetermined and remains constant throughout the sale. Participants buy tokens at this fixed rate until all tokens are sold or the sale ends. This method ensures a transparent and predictable purchasing process.

Benefits of Participating in a Fixed Price Sale

Predictable Pricing: The fixed price eliminates uncertainty, allowing participants to know exactly what they will pay for each token.

Simplicity: Fixed price sales are easy to understand and participate in, making them accessible to a broader audience.

Fair Distribution: Wallet limits can be set to prevent large buyers from dominating the sale, promoting wider distribution among participants.

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