Fixed Price Sale Features

Learn more about how Fixed Price Sales on Fjord work for participants.

What are Fixed Price Sales?

Fixed Price Sales offer a straightforward method for purchasing tokens at a set price. Unlike dynamic pricing models, the price remains constant throughout the sale, ensuring transparency and predictability for participants.

Key Features

Optional Wallet Limits: Some sales may implement wallet limits to ensure fair distribution and prevent large buyers from dominating the sale. Check the specific sale details for any wallet limit information.

Bot Prevention: While we can't always guarantee complete prevention of bots, we employ several features to ensure the sale is as bot-free as possible. These measures include disabling contract-based purchases and other anti-bot mechanisms to protect the integrity of the sale.

Automatic Raise Calculation: The raise limit is automatically calculated based on the total number of tokens available for sale and the fixed price. This ensures a clear cap on the amount of funds that can be raised during the sale.

No Token Gating: Fixed Price Sales on Fjord are no restricted by gated access unless specifically requested by the creator.

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