Token Claim Delay

Learn how the Token Claim Delay feature can help manage token claim timing for your project.

The Token Claim Delay feature introduces a new mechanism that allows projects to implement a time lock before participants can redeem their tokens.

The delay is set to a maximum of 7 days. If projects need longer redemption delays then they can consider utilising our token vesting feature.

Major Benefits of Token Claim Delay:

Priority for Projects: By implementing a time lock, projects can ensure they have the opportunity to establish trading pools before participants redeem their tokens, preventing front-running and ensuring orderly market entry.

Market Stability: The delay helps in maintaining market stability by preventing immediate and potentially volatile trading activity right after the token launch.

How to set the Token Claim Delay

In the sales structure section of the creation process, scroll down to the 'Token Claim Delay' section. Select the amount of time you would like for tokens to become claimable once the sale has concluded.

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