Cross Chain Sales

Discover how Fjord supports the ability to use liquidity from any chain and any liquid token to buy into sales.

Fjord Foundry now supports cross-chain sales using liquidity from any liquid token on any supported chain via LI.FI.

Benefits include:

  • Non-siloing of liquidity: Access liquidity from various blockchains, reducing siloed liquidity.

  • Greater uptake of Layer 2 solutions: Lower fees by leveraging Layer 2 solutions while still accessing Layer 1 liquidity.

  • Simple and seamless UX: Enjoy a straightforward and user-friendly experience for cross-chain participation.

  • Broader market participation: Enable a diverse range of investors from different blockchain ecosystems to contribute encouraging greater participation.

How it works:

In this example we will conduct a cross chain swap from Polygon to Base. As shown below, we are connected to the Polygon network.

The default setting will display the requested funding token from the project on the destination chain. To select a custom token or chain click the drop down box.

Next, choose the chain you wish to source the liquidity from. In this case we will select Polygon.

Then select what token you wish to use to fund the purchase. In this case we will select the Matic token.

Next you will have shown what your source blockchain and token. Here you can input how many tokens you wish to sell which will provide an expected output of the sale token on the destination chain.

Click swap, and you will see a preview of the swap and a pop up in your wallet. Click 'confirm'. You may be required to do some approval transactions.

Complete! Finalise the necessary transactions in your wallet and be sure not to increase gas settings and your purchase should be finalised.

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