Capped Sales

Learn how capped raises can be used to help manage the outcome of your sale.

The Capped LBP sale feature introduces an additional tool that projects can use to help create a sustainable raise. Projects now have the ability to set a maximum raise amount, and when the cap is reached, the LBP concludes automatically.

Major Benefits of a Capped LBP:

Sustainable Fundraising: The cap ensures that fundraising rounds are more controlled and sustainable, supporting long-term value on secondary markets post sale on Fjord.

Greater Certainty: The predefined cap provides investors with greater certainty regarding the total supply and market conditions, enhancing trust and encouraging participation.

While maintaining the flexibility and fairness in price discovery that is a hallmark of regular LBPs, the Capped LBP adds an extra layer of stability, certainty, and confidence for all stakeholders involved in the sale process.

How to Set Maximum Raise Amount

In section 3 of the creation process head to the 'Hard Cap - Maximum Raised' section. The token you have selected as the funding token will automatically appear. Input how many token units you wish to be used as the maximum amount.

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