Unvetted LBPs

Learn more about how unvetted LBPs work for creators

Unvetted LBPs for Creators:

  • Direct Indexing: Unvetted LBPs are indexed directly from the blockchain, offering a permissionless environment for listing.

  • Additional Warnings: Similar to new pools on DEXs like Uniswap, unvetted LBPs carry additional warnings to inform participants of potential risks.

  • Creator Autonomy: Creators have the autonomy to list LBPs without third-party curation, providing a straightforward path to market.

  • Participant Due Diligence: Participants are advised to perform their own research due to the unvetted nature of these LBPs.

How Unvetted Projects are Shown

Unvetted LBPs are show like so. The warning can be removed by users.

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