Curated vs Unvetted Lists

Understand the difference between a curated project and an unvetted project.
LBP Lists
Fjord Foundry is a permissionless platform. That means, anyone can create an LBP on our platform without interference.
The LBPs in the “Unvetted List” are indexed directly from the blockchain and do not represent an endorsement by the Fjord Foundry platform. Please note that participating in any of these LBPs is a high-risk endeavor and that the value of the tokens that you've received during an LBP might go to 0. Fjord Foundry is not liable for any losses incurred by using our platform.
Unvetted List
The other lists you will see are “Curated Lists”. These lists are LBPs which have been selected by 3rd parties for curation. We have numerous 3rd party curators who specialise in various niches and welcome applications for more curators. Fjord doesn’t have the final say over the parameters which a 3rd party uses to qualify a project for curation, but to supplement this filtering we still strongly encourage users to continue to do their own research and to understand the conditions that each curator undertakes to select the LBPs for their list.

Curator Guidelines

Fjord Foundry is committed to the ethos of web3. Open, transparent and permissionless community building are the foundations that Fjord was built upon. Fjord provides a pathway for projects to build a community via Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools and surfaces these LBPs directly from the blockchain.
By default all LBPs marked by Fjord are displayed in an unvetted list that warns users of the risks involved when being part of a permissionless environment, but Fjord also displays a curated list of projects that are highlighted by third parties. These projects must fulfil minimum standard in order to be eligible for curation, in addition to there being additional individual standards that must be met as per the individual curators requirements.
The guidelines for curated projects on Fjord are:
  • At least 1.5% of the token supply is made available during the LBP event.
  • A project must have been in development with community building efforts taken place over a minimum 3 month period.
  • Social media accounts to be at least 3 months old.
  • Team must have at least two team members
  • LBP must be created via a minimum 2/2 multisig
Once these guidelines are met, curated LBPs should be able to demonstrate to curators the following:
  • The project leaders have a healthy level of experience in the field that their project is involved in.
  • Project leaders want to engage and empower the communities behind them to grow along with them.
  • Projects that aim to grow sustainably instead of taking large risks that would potentially put their community at risk for the sake of quick growth.
  • The team takes the security of their funds and community seriously.
  • The team has a long term plan and vision for their project.
As part of the curation process, unless a project operates in a specific niche that has been known to the Fjord team, curators should process a curation application upon request. The curation service is a community service that is provided to the web3 and Fjord community free of charge.
To aid projects in their development and to ensure that curators have a viable business model, curators are permitted to provide additional services to projects they wish to support. These services include:
  • Marketing
  • LBP setup support
  • Tokenomics
  • Various advisory services
Curators agree to ensure that any curation decision is not swayed by their ability to sell their services to projects and the decision to curate should be based on the guidance set out by Fjord and the curator themselves.
If a curator has been found to have knowingly not followed the code of ethics and guidelines, Fjord reserves the right to remove the curator from the Fjord platform.
When should I apply for curation?
We recommend that project teams enquire about curation at least 2 weeks before their LBP event to allow sufficient time for the curation process to take place.