Curated vs Unvetted Lists

Understand the difference between a curated project and an unvetted project.

LBP Lists

Fjord Foundry is a permissionless platform. That means, anyone can create an LBP on our platform without interference.
The LBPs in the “Unvetted List” are indexed directly from the blockchain and do not represent an endorsement by the Fjord Foundry platform. Please note that participating in any of these LBPs is a high-risk endeavor and that the value of the tokens that you've received during a LBP might go to 0. Fjord Foundry is not liable for any losses incurred by using our platform.
The other lists you will see are “Curated Lists”. These lists are LBPs which have been selected by 3rd parties for curation.
We have numerous 3rd party curators who specialise in various niches and welcome applications for more curators. Fjord Foundry doesn’t have any say over the parameters which a 3rd party uses to qualify a project for curation, but to supplement this filtering we still strongly encourage users to continue to do their own research and to understand the conditions that each curator undertakes to select the LBPs for their list.