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V2 for Creators

Learn how creators can take advantage of a suite of features that will revolutionise the Liquidity Bootstrapping Experience.
Welcome projects to Fjord V2, a transformative upgrade that is set to redfine the way projects bootstrap liquidity. This latest version of our platform is designed with greater optionality in mind, introducing a host of innovative features that transform how you can manage and execute Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs), and soon to be more launch types!
The release of these new features will be staged, allowing us to fine-tune functionality and ensure the best experience for our creators. Adjacent to each feature listed below, you'll find the estimated date for its rollout. We're committed to keeping you informed every step of the way as we progressively improve our offering.
With V2, you'll have access to:
  • Token Vesting: Automate the distribution of your tokens with customizable vesting schedules, ensuring a smooth and secure release process.
  • Buy Only LBPs: Opt for an LBP model that focuses on token purchases, ideal for projects prioritizing initial distribution and price discovery.
  • Zero Collateral LBPs: Launch your token with an LBP that requires no initial collateral, maximizing flexibility for your project's entry into the market. This innovative model allows the market to determine the price dynamically as participation begins, facilitating a fair price discovery process from the outset.
  • Custom Token Redemption: Integrate custom tokens into your LBP, if you wish to redeem/absorb other tokens other than typical collateral tokens such as USDC and ETH.
  • Soft and Hard Caps: Establish clear funding goals with minimum and maximum thresholds, offering you and your community a structured fundraising framework.
  • Price Bands: Command greater control over your token's price movement by setting acceptable price ranges for trading.
  • Referral Fees: Leverage your community's network by offering referral incentives, enhancing reach and engagement for your LBP.
  • Limit Orders: Enable precision for those looking to buy into your project by allowing them to set predetermined prices for their transactions.
  • Whitelisting: Curate your participant list by enabling whitelisting, adding an extra layer of security and exclusivity to your LBP.
  • Leaderboard: Foster a competitive spirit and community engagement with a leaderboard that showcases the most active and significant contributors to your LBP.
  • Fixed Price Sales: Simplify the participation process with the option of fixed price token sales, presenting a straightforward valuation to potential backers.