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How to create an LBP

Follow these step by step instructions on how to create an LBP on Fjord Foundry.

Before you get started

All LBPs created via the Fjord UI must be created via the Goerli test network first. If you do not create a test LBP then creation will not work. This feature ensures that creators do not encounter or create errors when setting their LBP up on mainnet, while protecting users who are participating. To create a Goerli test net LBP you will require Goerli test net tokens. Please ensure you acquire and utilise the following test net tokens below. Using other addresses may result in a 0 balance showing.
Once you have tested your LBP on Goerli you can then deploy on mainnet.

Step 1 - Contract Address & Image

Input a valid ERC-20 contract address and provide a valid image link for your project token.

Step 2 - Token amounts

Input the number of tokens to be added to the LBP and select your base/collateral token and input the amount of base tokens you wish to add to the LBP.

Step 3 - Choose weights

Give those tokens an initial value by collateralizing them and selecting a start weight.
The available collateral assets are WETH, DAI, or USDC. Liquidity will be provided with the resulting balances and weights. The value of the collateral can be potentially amplified by up to 99 times by weighing it as lower proportion within the liquidity pool.

Step 4 - Duration

Set a duration for the LBP

Step 5 - Confirm and test your settings

Now that you have your base and main tokens selected, ensure that you have set the right parameters for your LBP by testing the settings. Check the implied market cap and ensure you are comfortable before proceeding.
This step, in combination with the start weights and token balances, creates the price decay effect for LBPs.

6. Set the project description, add a learn more URL.

This is your opportunity to share more about your project and provide a resource for users to learn more about your project.

7. Set your swap fee

The swap fee is earnt by the LBP creator during the duration of the LBP.

8. Connect your Twitter account

Once this is complete a green tick should appear indicating the account has been authenticated.

Step 9 - Review your LBP

Step 10 - Agree to the terms of use

Step 11 - Sign creation transactions

These transactions ensure your LBP is set up successfully.