Curated LBPs

Learn more about how curation works and how projects can apply to be curated.

Curation and Fees for Creators:

  • Curation Role: Curators are third-party specialists who select projects for the curated list, enhancing visibility and trust.

  • Fee Structure: Curators are compensated with the project token, sourced from Fjord's 2% swap fee, aligning their success with the project's.

  • Base Support: Fjord anticipates curators to offer fundamental support as part of their fee.

  • Direct Negotiation: Projects can negotiate directly with curators for additional services like additional marketing or advisory. Projects can have marketing support and guidance from multiple curators, but must select one curator as the 'official curator' for their project.

  • Ethical Standards: Curators must adhere to Fjord's guidelines, ensuring unbiased selection and ethical conduct.

  • Removal Policy: Fjord may remove curators who violate ethical guidelines or curation standards.

Application Process

To apply for curation, please fill out this form. Form completions are automatically sent to all curators at once.

Curators aim within approximately 72 hours of submission. Curators may only respond if they are interested in curating your project. If you do not get a response within this timeframe please contact the Fjord team on our Discord and open a support ticket.

Curation List:

Curator NameDescriptionTelegram Contact

Reptile Presidente

OG Fjord curator. CMO of Vela Exchange. Founder of


Bonsai is a multi faceted Web3 consulting boutique. The crypto native founders have a deep rooted network, working with the biggest players in the space. Recent examples include RestakeFi, ARCX, BeFi and Ordibank.


DeFi veteran. Fundamental analyst since 2017. Community builder, Angel investor.


Crypto OG and founder of Antirug. Focusing on web3 security, coding of bots and supporting quality projects.


Founder of Tailored. We support top protocols like Avalanche, IO Net, Mux Protocol, and Curvance in reaching key milestones. Our services include LBP marketing and advisory. See our case studies here.

Bob the reBuilt

Laboratory research scientist turned crypto connoisseur. Seeking out the people and projects creating real value and helping them achieve their vision. Specializing in deep analysis of tokenomics, cash flow, and value accrual mechanisms.

How Curated Projects are Shown

Curated projects are highlighted on LBP pages with a tick of approval alongside the curator name.

In addition to the preview cards.

When should I apply for curation?

We recommend that project teams enquire about curation at least 2 weeks before their LBP event to allow sufficient time for the curation process to take place.

Curator Guidelines Update

At Fjord Foundry, our dedication to the principles of web3 remains steadfast—promoting openness, transparency, and the growth of permissionless communities. We continue to empower projects to foster tokenised communities through Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools, showcasing these LBPs directly from the blockchain.

To qualify for this curated list, projects must meet the following updated standards:

  • Token Supply Availability: A minimum of 1% of the project's token supply must be accessible during the LBP event.

  • Project Maturity: The project should demonstrate a minimum of two months of development and community engagement efforts.

  • Social Media Presence: The project's social media accounts should be active for at least two months.

  • Team Composition: The project should have a robust team with a minimum of two members.

Curated LBPs are expected to showcase the following attributes to curators:

  • Experienced Leadership: Project leaders should possess a significant level of expertise relevant to their project's domain.

  • Community Engagement: Leaders should be committed to actively engaging with and supporting their community's growth.

  • Sustainable Growth: The project's growth strategy should be sustainable and considerate of the community's well-being, avoiding undue risks.

  • Security Commitment: A serious approach to the security of both funds and community members is a must.

  • Vision and Planning: The team must have a clear, long-term strategic plan for their project.

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